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External Overseas has the honour of being partnered with more than 50 European universities and has facilited more than 500 students to European countries particularly in Germany. Our students are studying at all levels including bachelor, master and Ph.D.

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Our Team of professionals and experts work hard during the whole Process

Study your Applications

After receiving your Application.
As a team we study your application throughly and get to know your level of education so that we can find you the perfect university

Guidance on obtaining your Visa

Once the conditions are met, and you have got your acceptance letter at the University, Our staff will then help you prepare all the necessary documents in order to apply for the Visa.

Find Your choice of University

Based on your qualifications and preferences, we start searching for the Perfect University. We call this the review process.

Help you get the Visa

Once again, Based on our past history with the honourable Embassies, we will then help you secure your education visa in no Time. You will then begin your journey at the your Dream University.

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Introducing your application to best fit university

Based on our partnership and good relation with over 50 universities,  we start the process of introducing you as an Applicant at the most Perfect university, after the review process.

Some words from our Partner

One of our biggest challenges as an organization based in Germany is, how do we spread the word in Afghanistan and the region and that was really what was so wonderful with our cooperation with External Overseas.
You always say let the experts do what the experts do best and in that case we have the expert.

Mark C. Donfried

General Director and founder of Acadmey for cultural diplomacy

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